Gerhardy, Doris Anna (b. 1941)

German pianist, played at Darmstädter Ferienkurse für Neue Musik.

collection 1968–1969 (1 folder)

programs (3 items: 1968–1969) with works bei Arnold Schönberg
music (2 items: undated) works by Matty Niël, IX Motti u. Koraal (mit Schönberg Zitat, op. 15/1)

Guittart, Henk (b. 1953)

Founder of Schoenberg Ensemble, of which he was the violist and artistic director until 1991. From 1976 until the end of the quartet's existence in 2009 violist of the Schoenberg Quartet. Active as conductor, teacher and arranger.

collection 1921–2001 (2 folders)

books (2 items: 1914–1920) Berg guides to Gurre-Lieder and Pelleas und Melisande op. 5
programs (5 items: 1921–2001)

Neutra, Raymond (b. 1939)

Collection, 1941-2015: 1 folder

Raymond Neutra--son of the architect Richard Neutra (1892-1970). Epidemiologist, until his retirement he was chief of the Environmental Diseases Branch of the California Department of Public Health. The collection has a letter by Arnold Schönberg to his aunt, Regula Thorsten


correspondence (3 items: 1941-2015)


Nuria Schoenberg Nono (1 item: 2015), to Raymond Neutra, e-mail
Lawrence Scheonberg (1 item: undated), to Raymond Neutra
Raymond Neutra (1 items: 2015), to Nuria Schoenberg Nono, e-mail
Arnold Schönberg (1 item: 1941) to Regula Thorsten

Seligman, Misha, 1921-2022

Collection, 1886–1996: photographs, correspondence, documents, articles, clippings, recordings etc.

Misha Seligman, son of Maria Seligmann, born Kolisch, sister of Gertrud Schönberg. His estate contains letters from Arnold Schoenberg and others, as well as letters, photographs and documents relating to the Kolisch family history. A large part of the collection goes back to the estate of Maria Seligmann.

address book
articles (2 items: ca. 1920) by Rudolf Rafael Kolisch
booklets (27 items: 1894-1922) and offprints of publications by Rudolf Rafael Kolisch
correspondence (ca. 100 items: 1896 or earlier - 1975) from Alban Berg, Wilhelm Furtwängler, Heinrich Gründfeld, Geza Gutmann, Otto Klemperer, Rudolf Rafael Kolisch, Rudolf Kolisch, Clemens Kraus, Gertrudis de Mendel, Franz Schmidt, Artur Schnabel, Arnold Schönberg (to Rudolf Kolisch, Adolf Loos and Maria Seligmann), Gertrud Schönberg, Franz Schreker, Anton Webern, unknown; some correspondence only as photocopy
documents (3 items, undated) from Rudolf Rafael Kolisch
magazines (4 items: 1948–1996)
official documents (18 items: 1890-1984) relating to Maria Seligmann and others
photographs (ca. 1900 - ca. 1975)
programs (4 items: 1952-1967)
text manuscripts (9 items: 1886-1956) by Rudolf Raffael Kolisch, Arnold Schönberg, Gertrud Schönberg, Maria Seligmann

Swaby Rice, Helen Bell (1916-2019)

Collection (1930-2019): 1 folder

Helen Swaby, noted violinist with many music awards both in Canada and the United States. Swaby and pianist Frances Mullen had played Schönberg’s Violin Concerto Op. 36 for him at his home on Rockingham Avenue in February 1940, to receive coaching from him. Following that encounter, the two artists played the concerto’s second movement on NBC Radio (before the work’s official premiere on December 6, 1940).


corresondence (3 item: 1940-2019) with Dorothy L. Crawford, Bill L. Rice, Arnold Schoenberg (to Gustav Arlt), Lawrence Schoenberg
music (1 item: 1940) printed violin part of Concerto for violin and orchestra op. 36, with many annotations and a handwritten commentary by Arnold Schönberg
photographs (ca. 1930-2016) of Helen Swaby
tapes (3 items: 1935-36) transfers of recorded exercises by Helen Swaby
texts (7 items, undated) recollections of meeting with Schoenberg, several annotated programs, clippings and booklets; obituaries Helen Swaby


Concerto for violin and orchestra op. 36

Landkammer, Gustav, b. ca. 1900

Collection, 1920-1921: 1 folder

Gustav Landkammer, pianist, composer and author on music


autograph card (1921) with quotation from Gurre-Lieder
photographs (2 items: 1920), one with autograp dedication

Giannini, Juri (b. 1947)

Collection, 1924-1980 (1 folder)


typescript (1 item: 1924), preface Bagatellen op. 9, carbon copy, signed
record (1 item: 1980),  Hungaroton, SEP 22288, Zoltan Kocsis, op. 19

Canino, Bruno, b. 1935

Collection, 2023, 1 folder


list with possible missprints in Wind Quintet op. 26

Music cited

op. 26

Willnauer, Franz (b. 1933)

Collection, 1961-1996: 1 folder

Cultural manager, artistic director and journalist. 1987-90 Secretary General and 1991 Consultant of the Salzburg Festival. 1995-98 he was director of the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival, 1999-2003 artistic director of the Beethoven Festival in Bonn.


Typescript "Die Stufen der 'Jakobsleiter'", 1961
Typescript "Arnold Schönbergs 'Jakobleiter", 1961
Typescript "Die Streichquartette der Wiener Schule" for radio broadcast, SWF 1973
Manuscripts and Typescripts "Kennnen Sie Schönberg?", 1974
Typescript "Zu Arnold Schönbergs Jakobsleiter", ca. 1977
Typescript "Die Sprossen der Jakobsleiter", 1989
Transcriptions of letters and writings by Arnold Schönberg
Newspaper Clippings and articles, 1961-1996
Booklets and folders, 1996 (Sächsische Staatskapelle, Universal Edition, WDDR)